Filed Under (Code) by mark on 23-05-2005

I spent the last few days doing a native Win32 port of ClamAV, to support Yam (my MTA, which is a work in progress but getting there, see SVN for the code). It wasn’t too hard, but I really need some test suites to see if the detection rate has been affected at all.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to get some interest from the maintainers. The clamav-devel list seems pretty silent to me, although there’s enough activity to tell me that the project isn’t dead (the engine version is already out of date for example!).

Oh, nearly forgot, I added an MSI installer (playing with WiX, which is kind of love/hate at the moment although most of the latter is to do with MSI), here.

I’ve also put the code in SVN ( let me know how to do a vendor import), so see the SVN post for details on how to peruse that. Patches are updated and uploaded here.

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