Filed Under (Code) by mark on 24-05-2005

It’s now at version 0.85.1 (here), so no longer out of date.

I also fixed:

  • a couple of messy path bugs, pretty much to do with the fact that windows has an interesting idea of what a directory is. There is still some mess with scanning the root (c:\, /) in that the path separator is appended twice, but that occurs in the stock clamav distribution, and is painful to fix due to the sheer number of places “%s/%s” occurs in
  • a _nasty_ bug in the installer that meant that you couldn’t remove it. Basically, it was running the custom action that generates the configuration files on initial install _on uninstall_. I didn’t notice initially, because during testing, I had the registry entries that this relies on to run hand installed, and MSI was rolling back to those on uninstall (so the custom action app ran ok). On a system without those registry entries, it’s a total disaster — you can’t uninstall the package, and MSI refuses to uninstall from a later version of the same package with a fixed custom action. Bletch.

Oh well, nearly 5am so time for bed I suppose…

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